Arduino- ShotBot

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Too much drunk to pour your own drink? Let the Arduino-powered ShotBot do it for you!!!

“What is use of technology if you can’t use it to serve yourself liquor?”

That question is the inspiration and only reasoning you need to learn about ShotBot – an Arduino based project that will automatically pour you a shot.

This project was created by the team at RobotGeek who uploaded a tutorial of how to make your own ShotBot to 

At its core the ShotBot is simply a set of pumps hooked up to an Arduino that controls the amount of liquid that goes through the system.

 This version of the project uses a simple button press to make the alcohol flow, but RobotGeek suggest replacing it with sensors to make your night out even fancier.

As there are two pumps the build will dish out two shots at a time. We hope someone takes the idea to next level to serve the whole bar.

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