Clash Royale- A highly popular game gets an update with new stuffs

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Supercell has just released an update for its highly popular game –Clash Royale.The new version of the game brings a few of additional features and improvements for the players.

Some off the major updates are

  •  QuestsPlayers can now complete quests afor gaining XP and gems in the game.The quests are shown in the sub sections in the game.
  • Touchdown game mode-a sporty new game mode where there are no towers but the field is designed like American Football field.
  • Gold rush and Gem rush events-Players can earn more gold and gems by destroying opponent towers in to events.

There are a lot of other features , changes ,and the fixes in the update.If one is interested in reading the entire changelog then you can visit official website of supercell.

click here for reading full update

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