EverCube – Lifetime Toothbrush Holder & Multipurpose Cube

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Lifetime Toothbrush Holder & Multipurpose Cube

This eco-friendly cube is a practical solution to hold your toothbrush and simplify your daily routine. The EverCube holds your toothbrush in the most sanitary way possible by giving the bristles proper ventilation. This method prevents bacteria build-up and means a cleaner mouth for you. Along with being the most convenient toothbrush holder, its simple design allows the cube to have multiple functions. The EverCube can be used to hold pens, organize cables, and store make-up. Additionally, the thermally conductive properties of the aluminum allow the EverCube to chill strong drinks and become an instant cold compress.

Along with having multiple functions, the EverCube has also been recognized for its simple, appealing, and modern design. Its shiny aluminum material looks great in all settings and will surely impress any guests with its intriguing appearance. The EverCube’s dimensions are 1.5 inch cubed with a .75 inch cylindrical shaped hole down the center to the other side. Manufactured by CNC machine using partially recycled aircraft grade aluminum, the EverCube is an Eco-Friendly product that will last a lifetime.

The EverCube Team has the vision of simplifying the daily lives for millions of people. Get yours on Kickstarter now and help spread the word by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Uses Of Evercube Are Awesome and Countless

  • Use It as Cable -Organizer.


  • Use It as Pen Holder


  • Drink chiller


  • Sanitary-toothbrush-holder.


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Product Invention: EverCube
Inventors: Ryan Mueller & Cris Calvillo
Location: Fountain Valley, CA
Email: Evercubewholesale@gmail.com
Website: www.EverCube.org


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