HyperX’s launches new Cloudalpha headphones

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HyperX the leading high quality headphone manufacturer is out with its new dual-chamber design that promises the comfort for the pro gamers.The headphones were launched at Gamescon that is located in cologne that is providing the dual chambers design that improves audio quality and tuning and seperating bass from the mids and the highs.HyperX says that it reduces the distortion,and provides .A rich textured sound for extraordinary awareness.So it can be worn comfortably for hours of time.

The headphone is compatible with the PCs and almost all the Consoles.In fact console gamers can adjust the volumes and mute the noise-cancelling  microphone with the headphones’ detachable cable that has inline audio control.

It provides compatibility with the PCs and the consoles including the Nintendo switch and the VR systems with 3.5mm port.

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