Lunar – The first solar powered smartwatch looks a good idea if it works

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As the name of watch ‘LUNAR’ suggest that it may be related with some natural light.Yes it is as one can guess from its name.

The Lunar is the first smartwatch that can be charged using the solar power.As we rotate around the sun and everything does not stop as it sets.We humans get Vitamin D from sun but when it sets then what?

Well here is the answer to it also.The watch can be charged in solar light as well as artificial light.

Well battery life in smartwatches is quite bad we can say.To overcome the battery problem lunar developed its first solar charging smartwatch.

Apart from solar power,this smartwatch can perform all activities that can be performed by a simple smartwatch.Fitness tracking,sleep tracking,glow LEDs on notifications and setting time zones itself using some mobile applications.

The watch will be available for $139 on kickstarter as a beginning.

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