Oculus makes a comeback with its redesigned Home and Dash UI

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At the oculus connect 4 event yesterday,the company announced its new Oculus Rift Core 2.0.The Rift core 2.0 is the new user interface program for the  VR hardware.

The new UI program is designed in such a way that it provides touch, it offers a motion control focused interface containing the biggest addition in previous version of Oculus that is ‘Home ‘ and ‘Dash’.

Dash as the name suggest that it is a dashboard that contains a VR type of hardware and it allows the user to use the apps artificially.

The Dash allows the user to use an artificial desktop or a screen consisting of  a touch that can lead to convenience of users.The rift core allows you to use a 3D space that can be decorated that user looks fit.Users will have the freedom to place any objects such as toys ,furniture ,art-pieces,etc.Using this one can visit their friend’s home and can hang on.

The rift core 2.0 Beta is starting this December and it will be free to access for the rift core users.

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