Panono:The panoramic ball camera

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Panono is another example of a successful crowdfunding campaign completely after bearing a failure apart from it.

A few years ago, a company named Panono came by ‘The Verge’ offices to show us an amazing design of black and green ball. It looked like a kids toy, but it was embedded with 36 cameras that, when thrown in the air,it  would snap a 360-degree panorama  or selfie from way up high. It was a neat idea, but it failed apparently to come out in the market.

After raising $1.25 million in a crowdfunding campaign at the beginning of 2014, Panono has only shipped around 400 cameras, according to D Preview. It’s not clear exactly how many cameras were ordered, but the project had just over 2,600 backers; cameras were sold for $499 individually, and much more expensive bundles were available.


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