Playstation 4 firmware version 5.0 has made some major improvements on parental controls

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In the version 5.0 of PlayStation firmware Sony has made a few changes to make better parental controls,improve broadcasting capabilities,customize friend lists and much more.

one of the most appropriate feature added is the family on PSN .It provides parental controls.If someone has to take care of his/her child then he/she has to play or have to sit near them in order to check whether the game is having appropriate content or not or his/her child is safe from violence or not.Thus to remove this inconvenience Sony has given family on PSN.

The family on PSN makes the controls easier as it provides restrictions that are applied on specified accounts.The restrictions are applied for all the accounts that are on the console except the master.

Thus Sony has made some major improvements as we can say from a single feature.

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