The unavailability of headphone jack in google pixel 2 proves that Apple was right

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Few years ago when Apple launched its iphone 7 then it said and declared that headphone jack is the unwanted facility without which one can live.At that time people disagreed with removal of.But when the Google announced its Jack-Less phone then I think that people have to agree with not having the facility of a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

According to the two towers of mobile tech it is announced that future is wireless and convenient.So one has to accept it that the connectivity of headphones is going to be wireless.The main drawback comes that it makes our device less compatible than what before it was.

Apart from this the google gives an adapter for USB type -C to 3.5mm jack for using the earphones given inside the box.So for using  the earphones there is a facility of type-c to earphone jack.

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