XLIFT- Levitating Speaker (Focused on better sound quality)

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Xlift Proyect

The Anti-Gravity Levitating Speaker

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There’s nothing cooler than gadgets that are highly useful and that at the same time, give you a taste of what the future really looks like!
Xlift is proud to have developed a highly unique speaker that levitates mid-air and delivers pristine Audio quality!
This amazing gizmo comes packed with advanced tech that makes it a truly unique possession for any customer.  Revolutionary Technology  through the changes of electric current in the power supply module of the base, XLIFT can stay a slow rotating state while suspending. XLIFT magically levitating in space without the need for any help.

And like any other levitating speakers in market Xlift is not bulky and over sized and Xlift Promises to have better quality.


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